Master your mortgage

Master your mortgage

Posted 3 years ago by Craig Pope

You’ve saved a deposit, you’ve bought your first home… so, what happens now?

Buying a home can feel like a massive weight off your shoulders—but then come the questions about your mortgage. How much should you be paying? Is it structured correctly? How do you deal with changing interest rates?

Working with a registered mortgage broker can get you off to a great start. Getting the structure right is essential to setting good foundations and building a stable future. Managing your mortgage is an ongoing process, not a one-off plan.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, everyone is different—spending habits, income, mortgage size, mortgage terms. You could use a mortgage calculator to work out how much you need to repay, but a calculator can’t tell you what works best for you and your budget.

Mortgages are at the whim of interest rate changes, peaks in the housing market and performance of the economy. Having a long-term relationship with your mortgage broker means we can navigate all the changes together, to help you achieve your goals.

We recommend:

  • Not tying yourself down to unrealistic mortgage repayments. You still need to live, and nothing’s worse than strangling yourself financially.
  • Having a safety saving buffer. Keep some money aside for home improvements, or in case a rainy-day strikes.
  • Understanding different life stages dictate your financial situation. Are you thinking about having a family? What if your job suddenly changes. Are you prepared?

It’s nice to pay more than the minimum off your mortgage, but it’s not a necessity if it means strangling yourself, especially if you have just bought your first home. Find your feet and get comfortable before considering it. Offsetting your savings against your mortgage is another option to consider—doing this effectively reduces the amount of interest you pay, so you chip into your principal amount faster.

Every 12 months we can work with you to do a ‘check-up’ and make sure you’re still on track and getting the most from your finances.

If you want a second opinion on how to tackle your mortgage, give one of our team a call today on 0800 000 517.

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