Make 2017 Your Year


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Did you know that New Zealanders spent a record $6 billion shopping in December? This is the highest ever monthly figure recorded by Statistics New Zealand!

If you now looking back over your December statements are wanting to make a change for 2017, now could be perfect - there’s nothing like a bit of spare time - alongside some overspending guilt - to kick those bad habits to the curb!

So how will you achieve what you want financially for 2017?

Well, research proves that people with goals written down have a better chance of meeting them. If you are outside on the deck with a wine, or heading to a cafe for a leisurely lunch or drink, why not take a bit of paper and pen with you?

Write a few points down and even involve your kids on the goal setting. You could throw in some more general things like:

  • What's our emergency plan? (think earthquakes)

  • Can we afford to sponsor a child and/or pet at SPCA this year? (another good one to involve kids on)

  • What can we do to add value to our house?

  • When do we want to retire? How will we reach that goal?

  • How much savings do we need in retirement?

  • What's our long term bucket list and how will we achieve it?

  • Is there anything obvious we spend money on that we could curb back on?

 Retirement goals go hand in hand with getting mortgage free quicker. Just having a plan and some rough goals written down is a major step forward to achieving them. Even if you are not a budgeter, being more aware of your spending is a good place to start. Perhaps even download the Bank excel file of your spending at the end of the month from internet banking and see where everything goes.

There is no reason why this year can’t be your year! If you need help specifically, we're here to help. Contact us seven days a week.


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