Should you buy a home with a pool or spa?

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Posted 2 years ago by Pope & Co. Mortgages

With summer holding on, a nice cold pool to dip into is appealing, especially for keeping the kids entertained (and cool) during the long summer holidays. However, with winter approaching, relaxing in a warm spa after dinner is also a great idea. 

So, should you consider buying a property with a pool or spa, or decide to install your own?

When purchasing a property with a pool it’s important to ask these questions:

  1. Is it compliant with council regulations?
  2. How does the owner maintain it?
  3. How much does it cost to run?

Check the rules and regulations on the local council website. For example, Hutt City Council advises “all residential pools (including small heated pools such as spa pools or hot tubs) are required by law to have physical barriers that restrict access, to keep unsupervised young children safe around them”.  Read more about pool regulations on the MBIE website.

“Before purchasing a property with a pool or spa we recommend talking to a pool expert to check the condition of the pool and equipment,” says Craig from Pope and Co. Mortgages.

“They can advise around ongoing maintenance and costs. Remember heating costs can add up quickly. An expert can check areas like is the pump working effectively, the condition of the lining and if the heater is working effectively.”

Wellington had a particularly hot January this year (the third highest on record) with unusually warm evenings. Stuff recently featured an article on the topic — Wellington feeling the heat as temperature breaches the rare 25 degrees Celsius mark.

It’s a tempting year to think about a pool, ready for next summer, or a spa for cold winter nights.

Mike Voyle from Voyle & Co Realty says, “It’s about your lifestyle choice and home enjoyment. A pool can be a fantastic addition if you have kids and for bringing friends together. It may not necessarily provide return on investment from a dollar perspective, but the enjoyment factor is most important.”

Apart from the lifestyle benefits, consider realistically how much time you would spend in a pool throughout the year before taking the plunge.

Photo by Juan Salamanca from Pexels

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